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it is raining a lot outside, it has been raining a lot since last night, and that makes me miss your body even more, desire parading around my skin slowly, something in my center titillating, and that makes me think of you and your cock, and I wish right now you were here in this greyish morning with your lips on mine, kissing me deeply, your tongue running along my lower lip before you suck on it gently, my hands on your neck, caressing your hair, while little moans invade your mouth coming from mine, and as we kiss deeper your hands cup my breasts and just hold them, feeling my nipples hardening against your palms, and I want you to squeeze them between your fingers before you leave my mouth and take them between your lips, teeth grazing against them, and I want you to suck on them slowly, your tongue circling them as your mouth pull them into you, and please hold me steady while you do that, for my hips will already have started a circular motion looking for your cock, wanting to feel it hard against me, my pussy starting to get wet and throb, and while you work on my breasts please run your fingers down my stomach and into my underwear, and find my clit in there, and use my own juices to coat it while you caress it with slow, short circular movements, and do not stop when I moan so deep the room shakes, instead pull away from me and undress, expose your hard cock to my eyes, the purple head begging for me to suck on it, and don’t mind if I dart my mouth in that direction and take you whole between my lips, the tip of my tongue drawing random lines along your shaft – feel it as I run it along the veins I love so much. Hold my head between your hands and play with my hair as I suck your cock slowly, watch as it disappears inside my mouth and touches the back of my throat, hiss when you feel it closing around your hard, fat shaft. Reach for my breasts with your hands and feel their weight while I play with your balls, rub my shoulders as I leave your cock for a second to run my tongue along the shaft down to the bottom of it, just to look up at you and make my way back, my tongue trapped in a half smile until it reaches the tip of your head and rests there for a second, touching deep into your opening, your pre-cum oozing and me bringing it to inside my mouth with my tongue, rubbing my lips on your head and having them glistering with your pre-cum. Throw me back on the mattress and lay on top of me, eyes glued to mine as you hold your cock and rubs the swollen head on my clit – do not mind if I yelp: rub it against me until you are coated with my juice, and then slowly put the head of your cock inside my cunt, and do not go in any further, just let it lay there while I contract around it, and when I beg for more of your cock inside me – because I WILL beg for more of your cock inside me – pull it out and run it along my slit, tease me with your hard cock until I cannot speak and start mumbling incoherent things, and only then penetrate me at once, thrusting your fat, meaty cock inside my wet cunt to the base of it, and then holding my shoulders start fucking me slowly, letting all of your hardness go inside me deeper and deeper, and grin as I wrap my legs around your hips pulling you closer into me, my hot cunt pleading for more and more of you. Fuck me slowly, deeply, darkly, like the rain outside. Look me in the eyes and tell me all the things in your head, as you feel your cock being completely wrapped by my walls; feel how tight I am, how closely you fill me up. Kiss my lips and whisper sweet things against it as your hips find a faster rhythm, your cock being pushed into me harder and harder: when I cum, spasms contracting around your cock, cum with me and spurt your hot, thick semen deep inside my cunt. Cum inside me feeling your balls tightening against my hole, my wetness smeared all over your cock. Rest over my body afterwards, your heart pacing down with mine: hold me tight as aftershocks convulse my body, your cock being hugged once more by my pussy. Kiss me wet. Fall in love with me like the rain is falling outside.  

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